Friday, February 12, 2010

Bukit Broga, Semenyih. Selangor

the beauty needless to say.

was introduced by a former classmate.i thought it was somewhere away from Malaysia since he used to travel a lot specially to Japan (business+ leisure) . surprising it was just not far away from KL (Semenyih)

another idea spending time with the loved one . more quality time together (cherish each others present in each others life) . the picture was so wonderful, the scenes are increadable, the air is super refreshing.

just one precaution, don't go there during public many people going at the same time crowding the place.

Gunung Lambak , Kluang ,Johor

a bright day to start our day with something we both cherish.
togetherness activity that we both will remember.
hiking the Gunung Lambak isn't that damn tough. however, for a casual hiker like me still physically and mentally challenge outdoor activity.

510 m above the sea level is not that high in facts, personally i disagree with the name "Gunung - mountain" is shall only be named as "Bukit - hill". however it was a lovely tracking activity . love it!!


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